Brief Introduction of the Society

Taiwan Liver Cancer Association (TLCA)

President: Yi-Hsiang Huang
Secretary General: I-Cheng Lee

President Secretary General
6th 2020-2023 Shi-Ming Lin Chen-Chun Lin
5th 2017-2020 Shi-Ming Lin Chen-Chun Lin
4th 2014-2017 Chung-Kwe Wang Kuan-Yang Chen
3rd 2012-2014 Chung-Kwe Wang Kuan-Yang Chen
2nd 2010-2012 Pao-Huei Chen Chung-Kwe Wang
1st 2008-2010 Pao-Huei Chen Chung-Kwe Wang

The Taiwan Liver Cancer Association (TLCA) was officially founded in May 2008. The current president is Prof. Yi-Hsiang Huang. There are 423 members currently, including hepatologists, hepatobiliary surgeons, pathologists, interventional radiologists, radio-oncologists, medical-oncologist and basic researchers of liver cancers. Taiwan Liver Cancer Association, formerly known as Taiwan Liver Cancer Study Group, was established in July 2003 by Dr. Chung-Kwe Wang. After five years of continuous meetings with all the enthusiastic members, he had the vision to see the necessity of founding the TLCA.

The missions of TLCA are to update and improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of liver cancer, interact the techniques and experience of management of HCC, promote basic researches in hepatology, communicate with internationally well known scholars and host international symposium.


台灣肝癌醫學會(Taiwan Liver Cancer Association-TLCA)前身為「台灣肝癌研究會(Liver Cancer Study Group-Taiwan, LCSGT)」創立於2003年7月26日,為當時肝癌治療交換意見及討論的重要平台,由陳寶輝前理事長擔任會長。有鑑於世界肝癌醫學會 (International Liver Cancer Association, ILCA)成立,台灣肝癌醫學會(TLCA)在王鐘貴前理事長的多方奔走下終於2008年正式成立。